Vote for Jon Zellhoefer to be a member of the California Assembly - Because Californians deserve the best
Because our Governor and the Legislators have not corrected our gerimandered election districts, the Republican primary will determine your next Assembly person in the 34th District. I urge all conservatives to register today as Republicans. I urge you to consider this before so that they may participate in this important process.

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    Help Rid Sacramento of Career Politicians

“ I appreciate your visiting my website. Today there is too much being said about what party you belong to than about what values you stand for. I am for government at the local level - Not in Washington and not in Sacramento. In your search of my website you will find that I am a regular guy that is for people of all races and economic stations. I am not a career politician so don't expect lots of politically backed endorsements. I am running a grass-roots campaign and need volunteers. I have put this website together with just a few friends to be simple and easy to use. All suggestions are welcomed .”

“ Let us get Democracy back in good health. I am asking for your support and vote on June 3.”

  — Jon Zellhoefer


Republican Jon Zellhoefer for California Assembly District 34