The people of the 34th Assembly District deserve to have a representative in Sacramento that understands the special situations that face those living both West and East of the Sierra mountains. A representative who understands we don't want the big government in our daily lives or taking our property. A representative skillful enough to bring jobs and housing back to our region and protect our State's borders.

Mr. Zellhoefer has two post graduate degrees
Candidate Zellhoefer is dedicated to protecting our open spaces for all to enjoy.

Jon W. Zellhoefer received his Bachelors of Engineering from U.C.L.A. in 1975. As a lifelong learner, he received two post graduate degress in Business Administration and Law.
This candidate knows how to get the job done. He is an inventor of products and manufacturing processes that have saved Californians tens of millions in energy costs and reduced our country's dependence on foreign oil. Jon is a pioneer in the use of renewable technologies. He has designed both buildings and communities that minimize the waste of water and other natural resources.
Mr. Zellhoefer is a credentialed as both an adult educator and a high school substitute instructor. In 2007 he taught English to over 250 high school students in three different schools in central Europe.
This candidate speaks several languages. He has assisted other countries implement new technologies in education, communications and resource conservation. His skills are also used for charitable acts including the installation of an energy management system for an orphanage of Chernobyl victims in Ukraine that reduced their heating costs over 70% and allowed this group to purchase more medical supplies for the children.
Jon has a patent pending on a technology for the physical rehabilitation of those suffering from muscular degeneration. He has also cared for a victim of Alzheimer's.
This candidate lives in Tecopa on the far East side of the 34th District. He is a landowner and manages a commercial property. He understands the special needs of rural Californians.
Jon Zellhoefer is not a career politician. He won't cut backroom deals that cut jobs and take away lands in our rural communities.

Jon was the first candidate to complete his filing in the 34th Assembly district and is the only candidate not associated with a current or past political office holder. He knows what to do and will work hard for you.

Jon needs your support to win. He is a friend of all those living in rural areas.