Voting responsibly requires information.
My position on the issues is an open book.

Many politicians would have the voters believe that proposition 13 is the reasons our schools are facings financial problems. This is not the case for several reasons:

  • First, houses are being sold on the average of every six years. The tax base is adjusted each time a house is sold plus an allowance for inflation is made every year.
  • Second, the California Legislature changed the way property taxes are used. This process continues today as the Governor attempts to fill the budget holes created by an "out of control" spending spree over the past four years by a Democratic party lead Legislature.

    The problem with our schools is that they are operated just about the same as they were 100 years ago. In addition, we are loosing our best graduates and teachers to other states and countries that offer them a better quality of life.

    Every problem in Sacramento does not need just "a greater investment" (HIGHER TAXES AND FEES) to resolve. Teachers are not doing what they do just for money. This is why they must be recognized for their dedication and performance.

    I will submit a bill that recognizes teachers and school performance and gives consideration to overall effectiveness when evaluating which schools should be expanded or closed. In addition, I will promote legislation that gives families the choice in how their children are educated. This policy will promote new jobs and a rapid improvement in California’s schools. I will also support legislation that encourages schools to adopt sustainable technologies with an added incentive to buy from California companies. California must act first to support our local businesses.