Candidate Zellhoefer did not announce as a candidate before completing his paperwork.

True to his competitive spirit, candidate Zellhoefer files his paperwork ahead of his competition. While his fellow Republicans were still playing the "if" and "perhaps" game, Mr. Zellhoefer took his oath and paid his filing fees. While five candidates from all parties are expected to run, only the Democrat had filed nomination and financial disclosure documents ahead of Jon. This includes most of his "popular" brandname opponents.

Jon is the only Republican to file in Inyo County.

Let's Vote based on how a candidate will solve the issues facing the Golden State, NOT ON HIS OR HER NAME.

    Candidate J. Zellhoefer
    PO Box 34
    Tecopa, California 92389

Thanks to all that supported my nomination from the following Counties

  • Inyo;
  • Tulare;
  • Kern;
  • San Bernadino;

    A general election or, as it happens in California, a primary election is the only opportunity the citizens of California have to decide what their futures will be. This year the primaries have been split into two parts, presidential and local. The reason - the Governor was supporting a modification to the term limits, proposition 93, which needed to be voted upon BEFORE the primaries. This would have kept powerful Democrats and some Republicans, including our district's assemblyman, in office. With the assistance of our other Republican statewide elected official, Steve Poisner, this ballot measure was defeated. This will be a very low voter turnout based on historical data. Don't let politics as usual rule the day. Let's get on with what we need to do to get the great "Golden" state back the luster it used to have.

    Thank you!