Real people endorse Jon Zellhoefer
because he is one of them.

Jon is a native Californian that understands the impact of Sacramento laws.
He relates to voters and today's economic problems.

Jon Zellhoefer is a real candidate endorsed by real people with real lives, families, and jobs. He has been there and done that. He has walked the walk of a real person.

He has raised a family, owned a home, held a job, hired hundreds of skilled workers, and has been laid off more than once.

He has lived the adversities and difficulties facing facing Californians today. He is endorsed by real people of all parties and wolks of life. Following is a brief summary:

Endorsements for Jon Zellhoefer, Assembly 34


Cheryl Bly-Chester, Owner Rosewood Rosewood Environmental Engineering, Vice Chair State Mining and Geology Board


Shane Connolly, Candidate for Senate District 13, Financial Manager


Pete Constant,  San Jose City Council Member


David Crowley,  Candidate for 33 Congressional


Cheryl Dietz, San Jose Magazine Teacher of the Year 2005


Mark Dotter, Small Business Owner

Nicholas Gerber, Candidate for 10 Congressional

Elsie Gufler, Candidate for 19 Assembly


Martin Gufler,  Business Owner


Mark Kemp, Superintendent Baker Valley Unified School District


Jennifer Lauer, Ed.M, Education Specialist, former Peace Corps Volunteer


Diane Lenning, Ed.M., Alternative Energy Advocate, U.S. Senatorial Medal of Freedom Award Recipient, Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction


Daniel Leseberg, Age 18


Ralph Leseberg, managing director for Micro-metric


Michael A. Jackson, Candidate for 54 Assembly


Doug McNea, President Silicon Valley Tax Payers Association


Greg Poulos, Insurance Broker and immigration reform advocate


Ken Sherman, Candidate for 40 Assembly


Peter Soule,business owner, pro-life advocate